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Fossil - GEN 5 Smartwatch

The project description
  • PublishedDecember - 2020
  • SoftwaresFigma, Adobe XD, Notion
  • My roleUX/UI Designer - Secondary Research, User Research, Visual Design, Prototyping, Interaction Design
Fossil - GEN 5 Smartwatch

The goal of this project was to create a Landing Page for Gen 5 Smartwatch from Fossil (Brazil) focused on the main factors that influence the purchase of smartwatches, factors that were found during the research.

Launch Project
Design process model: Double Diamond

Secondary research, Benchmarking, User research


Persona, Challenge definition, Insights


Moodboard, Wireframe, Style Guide



Secondary research

In the secondary research, it was found that Fossil's website (Brazil) doesn't highlight the smartwatches from the new generation, unlike the websites from the United States and Italy, for example. Doesn't exist a landing page showing the smartwatch features, which is one of the factors that most influence the buying behavior according to the conducted survey.

Smartwatches Market

A report by Strategy Analytics reveals that despite the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide shipments of smartwatches had an annual growth of 20% in the first quarter of 2020 alone, reaching a total of 13.7 million units shipped, compared to 11.4 million units in the previous quarter.

In 2020, the Brazilian market for smartbands and smartwatches grew 21.1% in the second quarter compared to the second quarter of 2019, resulting in sales of 208,350 devices.

Landing Pages

The goal of a great landing page is to increase conversion rates. They are pages with few elements and focused on a single CTA (Call to Action), which avoids distractions and ensure the desired conversion.

Landing Page User Flow
The user clicks on the AD
User goes to landing page
User sees the product features
User buys the product


The benchmarking analysis was focused on the main competitors of the Fossil brand (in the category of smartwatches). Among the main competitors (Apple, Garmin, Huawei, and Samsung) the two brands that have a landing page for their smartwatches are Apple and Huawei.

The Apple Watch Series 5 landing page is clearly structured with a Z-pattern layout highlighting the product's features. The landing page of the Huawei Watch GT is also focused on images and features, such as the landing page of the Apple Watch, but it is structured differently, composed of banners instead of the Z-pattern layout.

User research

Through a survey with 93 Brazilian participants, it was found that 37.6% of them have a smartwatch, but none of them is from Fossil, although it is a well-known international brand.

Do you have a smartwatch?
If so, from which brand?
Main factors

In assessing the factors that influence when buying a smartwatch, the quality, features, and battery life are the three most important factors. The color and operating system aren't very important factors according to the survey.


Another point to consider is that the price doesn't seem to be a deciding factor when buying, as it was found a significant number of people who own a smartwatch from Apple (31.4% of the participants), which costs from R$ 2,599.00, compared with the Fossil Gen 5 model that costs R$ 2,320.00.

Factors that influence the purchase of smartwatches
Battery life

Extremely important


Very important


Very important




Not at all important

Operating System

Not at all important


Letícia Torres

Age: 25

Profession: Architect

Productive Trustworthy

Letícia is an architect and lives in São Paulo. Being an extremely workaholic person she likes to be always connected to manage her projects. Very connected to design, she prefers modern and differentiated devices that facilitate her professional life. She doesn't mind spending a little more on products to have the features she needs for her day-to-day.

  • She needs tools that make easier the communication with her customers;
  • Seeks electronic products with several functionalities that assist her mainly in her work;
  • Feels the need to be always up to date, both professionally and in personal life.
Pain points
  • Has difficulty choosing the technical specifications of the products;
  • Feels frustrated when the battery of your electronics runs out quickly and needs to charge them while working;
  • Feels frustrated when spending a lot of money on a product that doesn't meet your expectations.

Challenge definition

In the result of the survey, none of the participants has a Fossil smartwatch, showing that although the brand is internationally known, isn't a popular brand in Brazil, at least in the category of smartwatches.

The brand's Brazilian website does not highlight the new generation of smartwatches, and there isn't a product landing page showing the features (one of the factors that most influence when buying according to the survey).


To strengthen the presence of Fossil in the category of smartwatches in Brazil, it would be beneficial to create a landing page for the new generation of smartwatches, building a direct connection with the consumer and a great possibility of conversion, seeking to reach a similar public of the participants who have Apple's smartwatches.



Style Guide

Color Palette
Heebo Black
Heebo Bold
Heebo Medium


Menu & Banner

To avoid distractions so the desired conversion could occur, a simple menu was used. It contains the highlighted CTA and links to specific areas within the landing page itself. In the main banner the title "Innovation and functionality" ("Inovação e funcionalidade") is highlighted, emphasizing the main characteristics of the product.


Below the main banner, a Z-pattern area was created to highlight the 3 most important factors voted in the survey (Quality, Features, and Battery life). Further below, an area was created to describe the other features of the product. To satisfy one of Jakob Nielsen's heuristics, the correspondence between the system and the real world, icons were used to represent the functionalities.


This project was a good opportunity to learn how to structure a landing page and learn more about Jakob Nielsen's heuristics. It was possible to use these learnings to create a landing page focused on elements that promote the conversion.